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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Featured Seller #2 - Boutique De Bandeaux

Our featured seller today, Boutique De Bandeaux hails from NEW YORK!!! I am excited because I too am originally from New York! Our seller specializes in hair pieces for thick, curly, and natural hair and do they sure make a statement! Many of these pieces are large and in charge and so beautiful!

Just to give all you readers an idea of what kind of work spaces are available to our very talented artists, above is a photograph of our featured seller's work space!

I love this piece here- it is big and beautiful! I am pretty sure I don't have a large enough personality to wear something like this - BUT I definitely would!

These hair accessories made by Boutique De Bandeaux can be casual and street ready, but also very chic and formal - ready to be dressed up for a wedding party! These would be really great for bridesmaids, and I imagine our seller would be happy to "cook up" as many as you need :)

Let's see what our seller has to say for themself!

1. What is the name and web address of your shop?
Boutique De Bandeaux

2. How did you learn about Etsy?
Honestly, I have no idea. I've only been on Etsy a year but its so much a part of my life now that its weird to think of a time where I didn't know about it.  I would think I happened upon it through a Google search or something, but I can't say for sure. I do, however, remember being crazy excited once I began to browse the site! At one point I even started calling family members so they could see for themselves.

3. What has been the most difficult thing you have encountered since becoming a seller?
Photography was by far the most difficult aspect of Etsy to master. Initially, I tried shooting my products indoors with a lightbox. That was so much trouble! I wouldn't the right lightbulbs or the right light placement, etc.  While researching on the forums, I ran across a suggestion to shoot outdoors during sunup or sunset.  It really is so much easier and now the photos come out much better. Now, I have my little routine down where I shoot my models in Central Park under indirect sunlight.  I'm by no means a master yet, but I feel like the look of my shop has improved greatly!

4. What are your plans for the future of your shop?
We'll definitely be adding more products, more variety.  There's been a lot of requests for us to to expand our line of elastic headbands since they're comfortable & stay secure. I'm happy to oblige :)

5. How do you keep your shop fresh?
I try to add new items as often as possible. I like to keep up with the seasons color trends with Etsy's Merchandising Desk Reports as well as forecasts from various fashion blogs.  Since my accessories are couture inspired, I also look to recent runway shows for when I need a little design inspiration.

6. How are you promoting yourself and your shop?
Really my main avenue of promotion is through Twitter. I make headbands for girls with thick, curly, and kinky hair and there happens to be a large natural hair community on Twitter.  It's easy to reach my target market through that venue, expose them to my shop, and find out from them what they look for in hair accessories.

7. What is your life like beyond Etsy?
I'm an aspiring actress in New York City. Aside from my shop work, my day usually filled with responding to castings online, going to auditions, and rehearsals for productions.  I'm really grateful to Etsy for providing me with some income to continue chasing my dreams.

Well there you have it, guys!!! Another beautiful shop to check out! Happy shopping :)

If you wish to be a featured seller, please email, and send a freebie to be critiqued in this blog to:

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