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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Featured Seller #1 - RockStarHottie

Our first featured seller is RockStarHottie, who hails from Chicago! I atually first met RockStarHottie when I "bought in" to my very first BNR. For those who don't know, on Etsy you can create treasuries which are mini galleries featuring different artists and shops. BNR stands for "Buy 'n' Replace", which is simply a treasury that is always changing. BNR's are great ways to market and promote your shop, especially if you are new. One must buy an item from a featured shop in order to have an item from one's own shop featured in the BNR. It can be great fun.

ANYWAY!!! Back to RockStarHottie! This woman is amazing. She runs several different shops, has five children running around, and a husband who she sometimes considers her 6th child. RockStarHottie's shop is full of great colorful goodies - mostly hairclips, resin rings, and keychains.

RockStarHottie's shop is bright and welcoming, and has GREAT prices, too. I have a few goodies on their way from her shop and I can't wait to open them up with you readers and share how great they are!

So what does RockStarHottie have to say for herself? I designed a list of questions for our featured sellers to answer:

2. Found Etsy about 5 years ago when I was Googling something.
3. The Most Difficult Thing: Finding new customers
4. I try to keep my shop fresh by adding something everyday, browsing the pages of Etsy and getting/giving ideas thru BNR's
5. Future Plans include clothing, purses and jewelry
6. I promote my shop and other shops by curating BNR's through a little brainchild of mine (and, Facebook and Twitter, hopefully the word of mouth thing will be soon to follow... :)
7. Life Beyond Etsy, I tried that by having a website and the traffic through Etsy is so much better that it became a waste of time for me. I do hope to have my stuff in retail stores, boutiques, online stores.

Well there you have it, my creative readers! RockStarHottie is truly a rock star when it comes to her shop!!! If you wish to be a featured seller, please email, and send a freebie to be critiqued in this blog to:

Handmade Hound by skinnyhound
10270 East Taron Drive #266
Elk Grove, CA 95757

You will be promoted and featured in my blog, your item will be critiqued, and you will receive a premium ad-space good for one week!

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