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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Busy Bee

So lately I have been sewing my butt off. Last week I got 4 accepted bids on alchemy - all items that require extensive work and time. Last week I was also feverishly preparing for my very first craft show! Needless to say, I got behind on my alchemy requests. This week and this past weekend I have been slowly catching up. Today I am working on a backpack tote for a woman who has chronic pain and needs to bring a set of cushions almost everywhere she goes.

I am also recruiting shops to be featured in my blog for FREE until it gets up and running, and lots of readers. When that finally happens, I will likely start charging for ad- space. Right now, if you want an ad-space good for a week and be a featured seller (I will blog about your site and promote you) you can send me a hand crafted item made by YOU, not Wal-mart, and I will critique your item and promote your shop!

Send your freebies to:

Handmade Hound by skinnyhound
10270 East Taron Drive #266
Elk Grove, CA 95757

Also, if you are a bake shop, I realllly love baked goodies! I do not like nuts or coconut in my baked goodies though, so if you send me anything with those in it, you are asking for trouble! :-p

I will be featuring my first seller later this evening, so stay tuned!
Happy sales!

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