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Monday, October 18, 2010

Etsy Finds - Getting a little bored?

Every day, I peel off the covers, shove my cat in a tangled mess off of me, and reach for my iPhone. Gotta check my email. Wow, I must be pretty popular, right? Nope, I am checking to see if I made any sales through my slumber or if I have been featured in the daily "Etsy Finds" mass email. If you are a seller, this may sound familiar to you as we all are chomping at the bit for that next sale or more exposure. If I am lucky I will make a sale, but more often than not I am just disappointed at the lack of "featured-ness" in the Etsy email.

As I scroll through the email I just see the same thing over and over again. Dress. Boots. Earrings. Necklace. Crochet. Knits. Steampunk. Something Holiday related. This is all, of course, great for the sellers that sell these types of things because it adds to the desire and interest of buyers who may want to purchase similar items. And of course, I do not want to down play at all what amazing creations are featured in "Etsy Finds" because quite frankly the items tend to be top notch. BUT. What about the weird, eccentric items laden throughout Etsy? Why must I look at shoes and scarves and hats all the time? I honestly don't even click through to any of the items anymore because there is just no variety day to day. While this email full of features should help out the shops being featured, the lack of variety could ultimately hurt (or just not contribute to) shop sales because we are bored!

So what do we want to see on Etsy Finds? Well I made my own little gallery "Skinny Finds" to give you an idea of what I am talking about.

Crazy Pink Cupcake--Polymer Clay Figurine by blamethemoon

Who doesn't love cup cakes? These are hilarious and even though they have no practical use, people need to see these awesome items!

Lab Rat PDF knitting pattern by CraftyHedgehog

Okay, so I know I said I was bored of knits, but this isn't a sweater or scarf.... This is AWESOME!

Origami Moose Journal by jukyandbeatrix

Just because...moose...they are pretty excellent.

So by now it is likely understood that I personally have a strange taste in items, veering way off the normal course of jewelery and hand bags, but Etsy must understand when they put together their "Etsy Finds" that there are people out there, such as my self, who prefer the strange and interesting over the "popular" consensus.  So Etsy, "find" some awesome new stuff every once in a while, will ya?


  1. Thank you for including my cupcake thug in your feature! I don't think that my style has ever been quite "mainstream" or "normal" and sadly, its easy to feel bad about that sometimes. Thanks for the lovely article and inspiring me to stay true to my craziness!! :)

  2. I'm going to have to admit that I also don't really click through Etsy Finds either. It's actually a rare thing to see something click worthy. It would be nice to have niche themes here and there wouldn't it?

  3. TMC Photo -

    I completely agree about niche themes. That would be really amazing.

  4. Very unusual for sure! ;) Check out my blog

  5. I am totally together with you - I like different, original and unusual - I love things that nobody else does and I think I make different things as well... at least I am hoping so :)

    I love the moose journal by the way


  6. I feel the same way at times. While I find some fantastic items from some great sellers, I would love to see a bit of variety. I sell photography and I don't think I have seen much of it in the Etsy finds.

    Thanks for sharing your opinion!

    My Etsy Shop:

  7. I have unusual jewelry in one shop and unusual supplies in the other.

    Love your banner by the way! Greyhounds are one of my favorite breeds!

  8. Great finds! I'm starting up a new feature on my blog called Wednesday Wishlist. It gives me a chance to share with my readers the fun things I come across and would LOVE to have :)

  9. I really used to love the finds - but they do kind of get monotonous. I wish they wouldn't have taken them off the storque either. They really need to mix them up a bit! Great unusual finds here - looove the moose journal!

  10. I'm pretty sure my cat Amelia would DIE for that lab rat anatomy lesson thingey there. LOL