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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Critique - RockStarHottie

So our very first featured shop was RockStarHottie. Today I received in the mail our very first critique gift box!! RockStarHottie has sent us here at Handmade Hound blog a plethera of goodies!

These arrived in a fairly small box so I was not expecting to receive so much greatness in one little box! So, shall we begin our critique?

Monkey Owl wash cloth/baby wipes. What do we love about these? Oh my gosh, first of all they are just super cute! RockStarHottie did  such a cute job piecing these little owls together!
Secondly, they are so soft! I can just imagine getting my baby booty or baby face wiped with one of these super soft, super cute towels!


We also received this adorable clutch! We love the fabric used for this small wristlet clutch (RockStarHottie, where did you get it?!). We also love the ribbon flower that is attached in the corner. The seaming on this bag is very well done and there are no frayed or raw edges - which we LOVE. Great quality!

Next in our box of goodies we received some bobby pins and alligator clips! The flower bobby pins are beautiful and securely attached to the bobby pin its self. We especially adore the bright blue flower bobby pin. The alligator hair clips were also very nicely executed. It appears that the are very cute ribbon attached to the alligator clips. The great thing about these is that they do not look cheap, but rather look like something you would find at kids r us. There are no signs of glue gunning or any other type of adhesive which is great because there is nothing worse than a cheap looking hair clip!

We also received this set of hair clips. This is actually a set that I bought from RockStarHottie from her Etsy shop as a gift for my two year old niece. These we are keeping all for her!! We love these clips because the are so cute, well made, and are great gifts for little girls.

Finally we also received this gorgeous large paper crane. This crane is made with a sturdy and beautiful rose origami paper. It is enhanced with glitter sprinkled gently over it, and a pearl bead and hook at the center which makes it perfect for hanging!

All in all, the quality of these products is outstanding and we recommend that people check out her Etsy page, RockStarHottie, to find more wonderful products. Thank you, RockStarHottie, for sending us these beautiful and wonderful items to critique here at Handmade Hound!!

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  1. I am so cracking up right now! I have been combing through etsy looking for a new supplier of my "pity caramel" since my birthday is in a couple weeks and when I signed on to buy myself some candy for my one-woman pity party (snicker, lol) found that my favorite seller has closed up her shop! :( So for the last couple hours I've been going through and through and through etsy looking for some tasty stand-in caramels and settled on a drool-worthy fascination with your salted carmal marshmallow concoctoins, found your blog (I was sucked in by the hound reference... I have a beagle!) and what do I freaking find... of ALL the sellers on etsy, I pick the one woman who lives LOCALLY to me. Are you serious? SERIOUSLY? I used to nanny for a family who lived off Taron in Stonelake back when I was in college. LOL I know exactly where you live! What the heck? LOL I think this might be destiny. Caramel destiny! I think I have a sickness. LOL Of all those sellers in the midwest and in Utah and I find the ONE person where I actually even know where they live? What the heck? LOL

  2. Okay apparently I am dumb and so sad. lol The seller i was looking at was apparently Deidre Wood! And she had a link to your blog on her listing! I'm so slow. lol But I"m still glad to have found you so close! lol I'm like in a celebrity's backyard here!